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Nastasia Rose The Perfect Nanny. How To Choose One And How To Succeed In Being One
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Nastasia Rose The Perfect Nanny. How To Choose One And How To Succeed In Being One

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The author of "The Perfect Nanny" is not expecting flower showers and accolades

However, while complaints of a nanny are often given at least a compassionate hearing, good advice by an experienced stay-at-home Mom or Dad is often met with indignation and protest. Nastasia Rose stands firmly on the ground

Moreover, she is ready to hear criticism and experience mudslinging

On both sides, too

She is confident that the foam of indignation will recede, and the book will remain, helping revive one of the noblest professions, which is now again in demand.

She understands very well all the consequences of her bold step, and is ready to face them

The topic of relationships between families and their house servants has been a painful and taboo topic for years and years

This happens often when the book touches on painful or forbidden subjects

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